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Children’s Eye Exam

Children’s Eye Exam services offered in San Jose, CA

Lucy Yen, OD, and the team at Eye Luv Lucy Optometry provide children’s eye exams for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages in San Jose, California. They can help ensure that your child’s vision is developing normally so that they can perform well at home, school, and play. To schedule an eye exam for your child, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Children’s Eye Exam Q&A

Why are children’s eye exams important?

Vision plays a critical role in child development and learning. Research suggests that 80% of learning occurs via the visual system.

The way your child absorbs and processes the visual information affects the way they experience and interact with the world. As they grow, their vision can either improve or impair their performance in school and sports. Eye Luv Lucy Optometry team provides treatments to reduce many common childhood vision issues even before they create a noticeable problem.

However, childhood vision problems are often difficult to recognize without a professional exam. Most vision problems don’t cause any symptoms, and most children can’t tell if they’re seeing clearly when they have very little frame of reference. 

The Eye Luv Lucy Optometry team has comfortable, child-friendly exam rooms, and the team loves working with children. They’re committed to helping your child achieve their greatest potential through improved vision.


When should I take my child in for a children’s eye exam?

Babies are born with very limited vision, but they develop improved vision over the first six months of their life. Since vision is crucial to your child’s development, the optometrists at Eye Luv Lucy Optometry recommend scheduling their first eye exam at six months. 

After that, you should continue to schedule annual exams to make sure your child’s vision and eye health are developing normally.


What does a children’s eye exam involve?

Eye Luv Lucy Optometry goes above and beyond a basic pediatric vision screening, which only tests for distance vision. At Eye Luv Lucy Optometry, Optometry, Inc., the team performs comprehensive exams to ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and their vision skills are age-appropriate. 

Depending on your child’s age, their eye exam may include:

  • Evaluating their fine motor development such as eye-tracking and eye teaming (binocular vision)
  • Evaluating their near vision (reading distance) and depth perception
  • Screening for amblyopia (lazy eye) and other ocular problems

Without an early diagnosis and treatment, some eye conditions can lead to lifelong problems that interfere with your child’s academic, athletic, and, ultimately, executive achievement. Eye Luv Lucy Optometry offers various treatment options to help your child see clearly and reach their fullest potential.

To learn more about enhancing your child’s vision, call Eye Luv Lucy Optometry or book an appointment online today.